History has provided us with many great mysteries and we seem to be hypnotically attracted by them. Americans have dedicated a day to celebrating fear, horror and murderers. October 31 has become the spookiest day of the year, when kids in schools, whole families and adults in companies are looking for fun.

Horrible masks, disgusting recipes have been for years on end the favourite topics for organizing parties and contests. It’s time we found new entertaining and effective ways to create effective and educational school projects.

Undoubtedly, Halloween offers a wide variety of options for successful lesson plans. There are songs and videos, online and board games sites where English trainers can find decent teaching materials.

You are invited to our Halloween parties, to visit the recommended sites below, to improve your vocabulary and create.

Halloween is about fear and courage, so the today’s word is “DARE”.

The peculiarity of the verb ‘dare’:

it is used both as a normal verb (taking the auxiliary ‘do’ in the interrogative and negative forms, -s in the 3rd person singular and a to-infinitive);

–  as an anomalous verb (like other modal verbs, without do, –s, and to ). As a normal verb it is usually used in the Past Tense.

EXAMPLES: How did he dare to insult me? (normal verb)                                                                                 I did not dare to call him. (normal verb)

                        How dare you interrupt him? (modal verb)                                                                                    We dare not stay. (modal verb)

Expressions with Dare

  1. I dare say = probably
  2. How dare you (he, she, etc.)
  3. You dare!/ Don’t you dare!– these expressions are used to discourage people from doing things they shouldn’t (for example by mothers)
  4. I dare you to do something– this expression is used (for example by children) to challenge each other to do frightening things.
  5. Dare someone to do something– we use this expression to challenge someone to do something to see if he is brave enough to do it.

Recommended sites for activities and stories: (Pre-Intermediate) (Upper-Intermediate)

Spooky vocabulary


Hope you’ll enjoy the funniest party ever!



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