One Goal for All

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Writing exams can be stressful. Good preparation and practice help you avoid a negative experience. Here at Lexis, our trainers can help you improve your skills. It is important for candidates to know what they are supposed to do in each paper. Each type of writing (essay, report, article, review etc.) requires a different...
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These days, it is nearly impossible to complete a single task without distraction: a noise, a fragrance, someone moving, etc.Consequently, we don't connect as much as we used to in real life. We can't concentrate, we can't focus our attention during lessons and interviews. Read more at  ...
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There is little time left until the interview. You probably have confidence, determination, exceptional academic achievements or a successful career. However, it’s important to make the best impression you can within the first few minutes of meeting your interviewer. Most trainers will start the lesson by emphasizing the most typical questions admissions officers ask:
  • What are...
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